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Captain's Log

No Time For This Bullshit

14 March
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  • LittleTigerCC12


- Threadhopping with this character - yes/no/other?: Yes. Always welcome. Feel free to threadjump in Smoker's journal as well, but he will read what is said. He's nosy :|
- Subject line comments: Always okay in my journal/with me and preferred if you're going to explain something ooc and/or do a combo
- Hugging this character?: He'll most likely freeze up all tense and awkward, but you're allowed to. Depending the situation he might just be stone and/or growl until he gets his space. (Little kids that he KNOWS are always safe to get hugs from him. Even ones he doesn't he'll half-hug in return)
- Giving this character a kiss?: If it's on the cheek he'll be spazzy and blush, on the lips will get varied reactions depending who/why
- Badtouching: In general yes, but he might react violently. Tashigi can fake sexually harrass by tripping on him, Happy and kids can do whatever as long as Smoker keeps thinking it's innocent.
- Lovers: If you're interested you can try for it.
- Punching this character (provided they can fight back): Always. He pisses people off, my god, be my guest. If I don't know your fighting skill level though I'll im/pm for fighting back. DEPENDING on whether he's caught off guard he might turn to smoke and throw you into a wall but I'll ask.
- Easiest way to get on his good side: Justice. If you want to bribe a peace offering, bring cigars.
- Easiest way to get on his bad side: Kill someone innocent(ish) and brag about it.
- Can I hack his journal?: Probably not. Any thread not marked private is public and feel free to IC flaunt that you know about it.
- Can he hack my journal?: Only with a LOT of effort. His computer skills are middling so generally he won't even hack the Straw-Hats (so far he hasn't hacked anything and it's unlikely to come up).
- Fourth Wall Breakage: Sure.
- Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/etc?: Yes. Just let me know what you have in mind/how long/etc.
- Maim/Murder/Death: Nothing permanent and seastone = added scars so if you're going to do that it has to be like his legs or something not shown in canon. Death is probably fine, but work it out with me first.
- Blood: Yeah that's fine.

Where this Smoker can be found:
luceti -- this is where his journal entries all currently go.
And a few other private museboxes.
More information on THIS RPed Smoker here.
Credit for layoutto: Profile